Landscape and Power
is the title of my continuing project. The title is identical with the book of the Art Historian W.J.T. Mitchell,
published in 2002 (rev.ed.). Mitchell has investigated the landscape painting throughout history and how
artists previously and today express themselves throughout the landscape. Landscape may not only be a noun,
but also a verb. So the landscape may be an event or an act. Throughout the landscape the artist expresses
herself in the way that the painting may represent a social or political problem for discussion.
The landscape as a representation may be an effect to create experiences to the watcher – not the experience
of the landscape as a place, but as a feeling. The experience of loneliness, silence, calm, noise, sound, events,
discomfort, happiness and so on.

My paintings are never a representation of real places. They are never created in plain air and I never  reproduce what
I am seeing. I am painting more or less abstracted. I am getting inspiration from forms, colours and objects in the nature.
In the power of landscape I try to effect a mood, feeling, atmosphere or an event or a hint.


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